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OPPO-SC Multichannel Broadband Tunable Ultrafast Fiber Laser
OPPO is a series of wideband tuneable ultrafast fiber lasers based on NPI’s advanced nonlinear photonic technologies. It enables the output of either broad supercontinuum or tunable wavelengths across visible to NIR. In addition to a tunable port, the product may also include multiple fixed-wavelength channels (i.e. 400nm/800nm/1560nm), making it well suited for building multi-purpose spectroscopy/microscopy systems that require flexible reconfiguration.

OPPO-SC is a wideband femtosecond supercontinuum light source that spans 1000-2400 nm. Different with conventional supercontinuum light sources, OPPO-SC is pumped by a highly stable femtosecond fiber laser. The product is based completely on an all-PM architecture, ensuring excellent stability, mode-quality and cost/performance ratio.

OPPO-SC can be used with a tunable filter to enable wavelength tunability for a range of applications including multi-photon microscopy, pump-probe/fluorescence lifetime microscopy as well as OCT and other ultrafast characterizations. The compactness and maintenance-free features make it an ideal substitute for conventional OPO/OPA systems.
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MIR Widely Tunable Fiber Laser
OPPO MIR is a tunable laser based on optical parameter oscillation (OPO).

OPPO MIR has tunable wavelength range of 2.8~4.2um, with maximum output power >1W at characteristic wavelengths. Both picosecond (100ps) and CW (narrow-linewidth) versions are available.

OPPO MIR has important applications in material characterizations, remote sensing, medical and biomedical fields. It boasts rugged industrial design ensuring high stability and high reliability. The user-friendly software allows easy control of both operating wavelength and power. With high brightness, good coherence performance, it can be widely used in mid-infrared sensing and infrared materials/structure characterizations etc.
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OPPO-SP Multichannel Broadband Tunable Ultrafast Fiber Laser
OPPO-SP is a tunable fiber laser developed specifically for Silicon Photonics and mid-infrared ultrafast nonlinear photonics research. Compared with solid-state OPO systems, OPPO-SP has decisive advantages in terms of power and pulse energy in the range beyond 2000 nm, where two-photon absorption in silicon diminishes. In addition, the system is based on an all-fiber and modular architecture, featuring excellent stability, mode-quality and cost/performance ratio.

OPPO-SP is also used by customers working in the fields of mid-infrared supercontinuum generation, and infrared material spectroscopy.
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