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Thulium-doped Amplifier
NPI’s Thulium doped fiber amplifier TDFA uses single mode all fiber amplifying technology. It features high average output power, broad gain bandwidth, low noise and insensitive to polarization. It has many advantages over traditional bulk solid state systems for its compactness, high st-ability, ease of use and maintenance free.By choosing different amplifier types, the amplification requirement can be met in 1880~2050 nm wavelength. And OEM option is available upon request.
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High-power Thulium-doped Amplifier
TDFA-HP is a high-power Tm-doped fiber amplifier developed by NPI Lasers. It uses all-fiber amplification technology and features high output power, wide operating wavelength range and low noise. The amplifier wavelength and type is selectable to meet users’ power amplification requirements within wavelength range of 1880-2000nm. Polarization maintained version of the laser unit is also available.

TDFA-HP can be widely used in scientific research, characterization etc., and provides a meaningful and valuable tool for the research and development of broader communication windows and future fiber communication systems.
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