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SuperTune QCL-Mid infrared wide spectrum tunable laser
Supertune QCL is a wide spectrum continuous tunable laser customized by noble laser for infrared spectrum and infrared optical instrument applications. Ultra high stability optomechanical design, combined with unique 3-12μm wide spectrum coverage and wide spectrum tuning capability make it the most cost-effective semiconductor infrared tunable light source in the market. The center wavelength of the series is customized at 4-5μm band, the average power of up to 20mW can be obtained.
Supertune QCL has a built-in wavelength monitoring module, and uses a high-performance motor to achieve fine wavelength adjustment, which can be used independently without relying on an infrared spectrometer. The laser can be used in infrared material characterization, spectroscopy and nonlinear optics. The operating wavelength is 4-5μm for customized requirements outside the M-band, please consult the nuopal laser technology
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2000 nm Widely Tunable Fiber Laser
Supertune-2000 is a highly stable, widely tunable cw laser specially designed for the testing of optical components made for 2um wavelength.

Supertune-2000 covers the wavelength range of 1900~2000nm, with good cost-performance ratio, and bridged a gap in MIR and NIR wavelength range. Supertune-2000 can be also combined with TDFAs to achieve Watt-level power output.

Supertune-2000 is widely used in the testing of passive-fiber, optical coating, optical detectors and integrated optical parts around 2um. With the simple and smart design, it is a good platform for applications such as industrial detection, long-wavelength optical testing platforms.
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