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1030 nm Ultrafast Fiber Laser
Blade 1030 Femto is a femtosecond fiber laser aiming for industrial applications. It is with pulse energy level of micro-joule. Pulse energy can be adjusted continuously as required, with pulse picker and pulse series output available, also support single pulse output.

Blade 1030 Femto is with maximum pulse energy of 5uJ, which is widely used in material micro-processing and biomedical applications. The all-optical fiber structure ensures the system compact and maintenance-free. Seed laser, the key element inside, adopts "smart-lock" manufacturing process and diagnostic technology, which is uniquely developed by NPI Lasers, provides customers with extremely high stability and safety during the using process.
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1064 nm Ultrafast Fiber Laser Seed
Blade seed-AOM is a 1um picosecond fiber seed laser with pulse picker. It is has pulse width of 10±2ps;60±5ps, repetition rate range between 20k~15MHz and pulse energy of >30 nJ; it also supports burst mode output.

Blade seed-AOM constitutes an integrated system of seed laser oscillator, fiber amplifier, and acousto-optic modulator. The laser system is all-fiber, and has undergone vigorous temperature cycling and vibration tests, ensuring power stability and long-term reliability.

The laser has synchronous output via TTL port and DB9 connector is available for I/O control; it also supports remote control from PC. The laser is equipped with one button power switch, and is compact and maintenance-free.

Blade seed-AOM with pulse picker is unique with its compact size, high performance to cost ratio, and is suitable for customers in early design stage for SSL picosecond laser, and round-the-clock industrial OEM applications.
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