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NPI Lasers is an award-winning High-tech Enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of ultrafast fiber lasers for industrial processing, laser-based instrumentation as well as frontier research.
Our team is comprised of leading scientific researchers in the field of ultrafast lasers as well as corporate management experts with a combined professional experience of more than 70 years. Since 2014, our team has developed key technologies necessary for the production of robust and cost-effective ultrafast fiber lasers. The company has also established profound advantages in core ultrafast laser components and system diagnosis technologies. In the area of medium-power ultrafast lasers, NPI is gradually taking a leading position in China’s booming ultrafast market.
Our ultrafast product lines (Rainbow/ Blade/ OPPO) cover a remarkably broad wavelength range from 400 to 4000 nm, yet offers unrivaled cost-effectiveness and reliability. The underlying component technology was awarded "China’s Top Ten Breakthroughs in Optics” in 2017. The performance of our ultrafast series has won the company good reputation among domestic customers in the fields of fiber-optics, materials science and bio-photonics. In 2017, NPI Lasers began mass production of industrial-grade ultrafast seed lasers in its XuZhou facility.
Providing customers with trustworthy products and services is the ultimate commitment of NPI Lasers. Our team has always placed customer satisfaction the highest priority. With the advent of the exciting ‘ultrafast era’, we are looking forward to the opportunity to serve customers around the world. 

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