Product application

1064nm picosecond laser and two-photon polymerization


Two-photon polymerization is the photopolymerization process initiated by two-photon absorption. Two-photon absorption refers to the process in which a molecule of a substance absorbs two photons at the same time, which is a kind of third order nonlinear effect can only occur under the action of a strong laser.

Characteristics of two-photon polymerization: Two-photon absorption occurs mainly at the focus of the ultra-strong laser generated by the pulsed laser. The laser intensity in other places on the optical path is not enough to generate two-photon absorption. However, due to the long wavelength and low energy of the light used, the corresponding single-photon process cannot occur, so the two-photon process has good spatial selectivity.The two-photon absorption irradiation source is generally in the visible - near-infrared region (≥800nm). The long wavelength makes the loss of incident light small and the penetration of medium good.

Application of two-photon polymerization:

 3d manipulation and micromachining

 High density optical storage

 biomedical

 Photonic crystal processing

Process principle:

Two-photon absorption process generally means that two photons are absorbed by a molecule at the same time, or two photons are absorbed in succession by a molecule in a very short period of time. Generally, the time difference of absorption of two photons is less than 0.1fs, and it is generally believed that absorption passes through an imaginary state and then reaches an excited state of a molecule.


Process diagram

Application of two-photon polymerization in micro-processing direction:



Pulse light source recommended:

Two-photon absorption generally adopts pulse laser with high peak power, and the wavelength is generally around 1000nm in the near infrared.Aiming at the application needs in this direction, noopay laser launched an independently developed 1um high-frequency mode-locked laser Rainbow 1064 HP, with an average output powerof more than 3W and a pulse width of less than 10ps, so as to achieve a high peak power output and meet the needs of two-photon absorption research users.In addition, the product adopts all-fiber structure, optical path and circuit structure highly integrated, compact and portable, convenient for users to realize system miniaturization.